A.M.A. Laigueglia

The Sports Club "A.M.A. Laigueglia "(acronym for Amici Marcia Acquatica Laigueglia) has over 50 practitioners who walk in the sea all year round or who, not being all residents of Laigueglia, periodically come specifically to participate in the three weekly or weekend workouts. The engine of this passion is to have found in this sport a strong sporting and wellness motivation through practice and sociability.

Certified Slide Water Walking Instructors of Laigueglia Blue Outdoor del Mare ASD, a SEAWELLNESS LIFEGATE activity preparatory to your HEALTH, WELLNESS, SOCIALITY and why not even to FUN!

Walk in Balance is a sports activity born from a walking technique assisted by the use of sticks equipped with specific supports that draws its particular gait from anthropological studies that underline the natural posture of Homo erectus to develop harmony and effectiveness in movement propulsive.

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