Stand Up Paddling SUP

SUP is the water sport that has seen the greatest growth worldwide in the past ten years. This growth is due to the fact that it is a sport suitable for everyone and that it can be done in very different ways. Originally SUP practiced for riding big waves in Hawaii, today mainly has the function of a means of recreational transport to be able to enjoy nature and get distracted with a paddle, we can compare it to a trek in the water or a bike ride. It is an activity that allows you to fully enjoy the sea and at the same time keep fit in a fun, rewarding and exciting way, the SUP is in fact an excellent workout as it uses all the muscles of the body, the lower limbs and the abs they take care of balance, while the upper limbs use the paddle to advance. Learning is rather rapid and an excessive level of training and technique is not required.

Wave Surfing

Wave surfing is a dynamic and complete sport practiced in the open air in contact with nature, which combines balance, coordination and knowledge of the sea for a fun and exciting result and with the use of minimal equipment. It is an increasingly popular sport all over the world, and from 2020 it will become an Olympic discipline. Different boards are used depending on the experience of the surfer and the wave you want to surf. For the first approach, boards usually up to 9 feet long (longboard), made of soft material and with flexible fins are used to limit the risks to the maximum. With the help of these latest generation boards, anyone is able to experience the experience of riding his first waves. Our surfing activity is mainly dedicated to children, due to the low frequency of waves in Laigueglia from June to September. Our lessons are held with a maximum of three students per instructor, with whom a lesson schedule will be agreed depending on the weather and sea conditions.

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